About the Company


Our History


NEWPEPPERS is a food processing company based in the cultural and spiritual capital of Morocco, Fes city. Since its creation by Mr. Haj Mohammed BENNOUNA in 1976 and after long research and efforts of three generations meant to enhance quality, while respecting the natural beauty of Antipasti food, the company has continued to develop its expertise to expand its range of products to meet the requirements of its customers and follow the improvement of food industry.

About the Company


Climate and the natural organoleptic features of Moroccan land, particularly suitable for agriculture, contributed to reward the company NEWPEPPERS commitment. NEWPEPPERS exports food products with a Mediterranean taste to all over the world. It‚s the leader of production & exportation of sweet cherry peppers a long side capers, olives, and other vegetables. Our vision is to keep recognized worldwide as a top quality, reliable and consistent producer of cherry peppers and other pickled products. Our respect of international standards is helping us achieve this goal, reason why we keep investing in R&D and new production technologies leading to innovation in the field, to meet the needs of the international market.


NEWPEPPERS remains one of the world´s leading exporters of appetizers with more than 30 years of experience in food sector. We always seek the best varieties of vegetables through our close cooperation with selected farmers to be able to process them in different styles to give our customers a multiplicity of choices

Skills and technical knowledge

At NEWPEPPERS our technical experience and academic knowledge have helped the company to determine its right path and vision and go straight forward towards achieving its objectives.

We offer a highly seasonal and continuously envolving antipasti experience

Major priorities

We ensure conformity of our products through regular daily controls from the entrance to the loading. Our principal strategy is based on a continuous monitoring of the Market towards new trends, products, packaging andinnovation

Behind the scenes

NEWPEPPERS Company is committed to give higher importance to the quality of products by ensuring their compliance and safety. Reason why we work with professionals in the art of food to make sure that all our products are picked, carefully sorted, and then preserved to keep their freshness and natural taste.

From Fez To the rest of the world

A Certified Brand

Our factory´s well experimented teams in hand with our quality control department areworking too hard& operating under an internationally certified system to ensure the highest level of quality for our consumers.

Our company works under BRC, ISO9001& HACCP Food safety standards.

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Keeps us going

“We practice the philosophy of continuous improvement. We get a little bit better every single day.”